Chrystal Neilon

Bio: My name is Chrystal Neilon, I am a 34 year old OCC graduate. I currently bartend, do home-care, and I’m going to school for my RN degree. I have been in the health field for almost 14 yrs in August 2019. I enjoy taking care of people and providing them with a service I could only hope someone would do for me if I was in need. I enjoy the clientele at self-direct. I find the Service Coordinator Tanya, the nursing supervisors, schedulers, and personnel staff to be very helpful and kind. Overall I like the company as a whole. In my spare time I like to cook/bake, do crafts, shop, go to the gym/yoga, spend time with my dogs, family, and close friends.

Rendell Hendrix

2018 Quarter 4

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